Research Brief: Preparing for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Planning

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives require thoughtful strategic planning to enact change and yield improvements in student, staff, school, and district outcomes to:

  • Build a vibrant, inclusive climate that draws people together across differences in backgrounds, experiences, and interests;
  • Expand the capability of the organization to successfully navigate a diverse work environment and global student, service, and business communities;
  • Improve hiring processes that tap into relevant talent pools;
  • Assess the impact of programs, services, and learning environments in contributing to the mission and organization;
  • Provide tools that assist in reaching and retaining target constituencies—students, teachers, staff, community;
  • Provide greater and more transparent connections between organizational goals and resource allocation for the annual budget process;
  • Discover opportunities for curriculum development and classroom, advising, or outreach practices that improve the overall teaching and learning offered; and
  • Increase the organization’s ability to embrace change.


Hanover presents the following research brief to support a partner district seeking to create effective DEI goals in the areas of training, curriculum and programs, hiring, and future vision. This brief includes an overview of best practices for DEI strategic planning and goal development. Additionally, this brief presents examples of DEI goals from districts across the United States.


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