Carl Albert State College Assesses Academic Programs with Hanover’s Insight

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As colleges (and the world) transition into a radically transformed world, the lessons learned from the pandemic regarding flexibility, technology, methodology, and student priorities are overwhelming. Rather than guessing our way through a trial-and-error process, Hanover Research allows for both a national, regional, and local outlook of trends, expectations, and issues of concern that can be addressed in a strategic, data-informed manner. The college will be able to use the research to influence decisions with data-driven objectivity rather than subjective reflex.

Academic programs, and the way in which they are delivered, may well be forever changed, and an external partner with the insight and outreach capability of Hanover is a powerful ally in being ahead of the field, rather than catching up to it. Hanover allows an unbiased, third-party perspective regarding current and potential academic programs, needs assessments, and perception. National and regional benchmarking standards, as well as individualized research projects, will allow CASC to objectively gauge our current position within the higher education market and plan appropriately for improvement.

I am most looking forward to the individualized assessment of our academic programs and regional needs, and the objective analysis of how well CASC matches the two, as well as understanding the perception of CASC programs in the region, and determining just how far our sphere of influence reaches. Objective, third-party data collection and analysis regarding current and potential academic programs will allow CASC to adapt to both local and national needs and trends to remain competitive and provide the highest quality education for which we are known, and strive, to produce.

Marc Willis, Vice President of Academic Affairs

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About Carl Albert State College

Carl Albert State College offers students a world-class education at an affordable price. CASC has been voted the Best Community College in Oklahoma; currently stands as No. 11 in the Nation for graduation rates among community colleges; and offers the most affordable tuition and fees in the region.

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