Case Western Reserve University School of Law Partners with Hanover in Order to Better Focus International Recruiting Efforts

We are partnering with Hanover to look for insights into specific international markets in order to better focus our recruiting efforts. In particular, we wanted data on markets that match our requirements and help in identifying ones that meet multiple Schools’ needs and priorities. We have worked with Hanover before and were happy with the scope and quality of the research provided. They understand higher education, have strong researchers on staff, and are flexible and easy to work with. Additionally, our research project spanned a number of different Schools/disciplines so we needed a group that had an interdisciplinary background and experience. In a time of limited resources, you want to think carefully about where you invest. External support can save you time and money in the end, if you choose wisely. When you think about what things you want to do in-house and what things you want to outsource, consider not only the skillset of your in-house group, but also their time to devote to the project at hand (versus other things that may be a better use of their time). For us, Hanover checks all of those boxes.”

— Jessica Berg, JD, MPH, Dean, School of Law

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Case Western Reserve University School of Law is a nationally recognized law school that has been training lawyers for over 130 years in international, health, and intellectual property law.

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