Over the last year or so, we’ve shifted our mindset from looking at teacher professional development as a one-way process to an actual learning process. Then March happened, and we went into crisis mode to help our teachers through our online platforms. We were able to provide some digital learning resources for teachers over the last few months, but as we started to prep for summer, we started to think about what we normally provide for our teachers, and how we can incentivize them to participate in professional learning and provide feedback.

While sharing this challenge with my colleagues, Hanover came up in the conversation, and they were very excited to learn about the Educator Learning Center (ELC) that Hanover has created. We’ve been able to provide for our teachers links to the different modules in the ELC program, and have gotten great feedback, with over 150 teachers signed up for sessions. We look forward to gathering more feedback about their experiences with ELC.

ceres unified school district

Dr. Amy Peterman, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services

Hanover Research