Cornish College of the Arts has a long history of innovation in the education of aspiring artists. Through the progressive use of technology, more visual and performance art is produced and shared than ever before. In keeping with our goals to create a forward-thinking learning environment for a diverse range of artists, Cornish sought a research partner who could help us take the pulse of the marketplace as well as identify areas of opportunity for the Cornish brand.

One of our primary goals is to provide talented students access to high-caliber artistic learning, which means that the cost of an education cannot become a burden to our students. As one of only three autonomous, accredited institutions in the nation to offer degrees in both the visual and performing arts, we present a uniquely challenging business model. Hanover Research offers us the opportunity to examine not only cost comparisons against other institutions, but also financial concerns facing artists nationwide. In addition, we are committed to lifelong learning and the pursuit of new educational options for artists, designers and performers at any stage in their development. Finally, we are exploring new ways to expand our impact in the community and the region.

This critical research, delivered rapidly, will allow us to strategically build a learning environment that is designed for a new generation of artists. Our advice to peers that are considering such a partnership is to examine how much more effective their strategic planning could be if all stakeholders had access to reliable, substantiated market research. Wasted productivity, unrealistic expectations and divergent goals bear a real cost to any institution yet can be successfully navigated when the research is thoroughly prepared and presented. It is with these factors in mind that we decided to partner with Hanover Research.

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Ryan O’Mealey; Vice President for Enrollment

Hanover Research