Glasgow Caledonian University has a strong existing international footprint, with locations in Glasgow, London, and New York, and long-standing partnerships all around the world. But as the University for the Common Good, we want to keep growing both our global impact and student body. To build on current achievements towards our organisational objectives for 2020, and to support development of our new strategy to 2030, we wanted to engage with a partner that could give us a comprehensive marketplace analysis and help us ensure that our marketing, recruitment and applicant experience strategies deliver.

We’ve been on a journey to improve our conversion of prospective students and to refine our marketing activity to support increased ROI. Our goal is to continue that journey, delivering both programmes and experiences for students which align with our institutional values and ambitions. We envision Hanover acting as a ‘critical friend,’ supporting with robust analysis that highlights potential opportunities for the university, giving a truly global competitive view, and delivering the advanced insight we need to achieve our goals.

My advice for others considering an external partner is that knowing what you are looking to achieve is paramount. Having clearly defined strategic projects already in mind, allows you to discuss with the partner how they can contribute, and establishes the relationship on a solid foundation from the beginning. But you should also be prepared to let your partner challenge you; if you have pre-existing ideas of what the answers will be, you might as well not ask the question as you’ll potentially miss out on a rich perspective you hadn’t anticipated.

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Carolyn Bowick, Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Conversion

Hanover Research