I have been in contact with Hanover for several years and was always intrigued with the possibilities of working together but was hesitant due to the budget restrictions of a small college. A change in upper administration at Goldey-Beacom College and Hanover’s willingness to work with us, as a small college, indicated to me that it was time to try. Comprehensive research is more essential than ever today, and the limited staff and faculty at GBC just don’t have the time and resources to do large projects. Additionally, having a “neutral” perspective to help us reach decisions objectively will be invaluable. Many small colleges are struggling to survive in the current environment, so preparing well strategically is essential. I feel confident that Hanover can help GBC to do just that.

With Hanover, we will determine whether or not to move forward with a potential new undergraduate major in Biology, which would be a huge step for us out of our comfort zone. Initially, determining whether or not to pursue an undergraduate major in Biology will impact all areas of the College, from perception of the institution to finances. We also need to make decisions about how to present tuition to prospective students. The tuition and aid optimization study could be huge also, as well as learning about our brand perception. Any and all of these will impact the strategic direction of the College.

Goldey-Beacom College

Alison Boord White; Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hanover Research