Idaho State University College of Education Explores Academic Program Opportunities with Hanover’s Support

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The College of Education is interested in growing enrollment by extending our reach beyond state and regional audiences to attract students from across the country and the globe by developing high-quality academic programs that are responsive to market needs and competitively priced. However, we are also interested in learning about how our existing programs compare to our chief competitors, the career trajectories and satisfaction of our alumni, and opportunities to enhance our digital marketing strategy.

We initially looked for a partner to explore new program opportunities at the graduate level that are aligned with our mission, play to existing strengths, and help us grow enrollment in the College of Education. We were so impressed by Hanover’s digital repository, record of success in higher education, scope of work, responsiveness, and flexibility in designing a project plan that would be best suited for our needs, that Hanover quickly became the clear choice for us. Enlisting an external partner will allow us to answer questions we have been pondering but haven’t had the institutional capacity to answer in a timeframe and with the kind of rigor that we desire.

Dean Jean McGivney-Burelle

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About Idaho State University College of Education

The College of Education prepares students for meaningful careers focused on improving the lives of others, with graduates going on to serve and lead in diverse contexts, including K-12 schools, businesses, community organizations, higher education, and more.

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