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Searcy School District Partners with Hanover to Build a Strategic Plan with Stakeholder Voices

At Searcy Schools, we wanted to work with Hanover Research because we saw positive, quality results from other districts in our state who had partnered with them. Our district is looking forward to developing a three-to-five-year strategic plan with Hanover walking alongside us to guide our efforts and our personnel. We also want to ensure all our stakeholders have a voice in the process. To that end, Hanover will assist us in collecting qualitative data to learn what our community wants our district to look like and how we can best serve them. To anyone considering working with an external partner like Hanover, I would advise them to make sure their district has people who are committed to using the research and data that will result from the partnership. Don’t let your plan be done for show.

Dr. Bobby Hart, Superintendent
See why Searcy School District chose to partner with Hanover Research to build a strategic plan that incorporates stakeholder voices.

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About Searcy School District

The Searcy Special School District, located in Searcy, Arkansas, seeks to prepare responsible, productive citizens in schools where the abilities of every child are understood, nurtured, and developed.

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