Why Maine Community College System is Partnering with Hanover Research

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Being able to understand the changing dynamics of higher education is more important than ever, so we decided to engage with Hanover to help us better understand how current developments are impacting our faculty, staff, students, and prospective students. We will utilize Hanover’s powerful capabilities to ensure we have a complete picture and to know in real time if we are on course or if a course adjustment is necessary.

The MCCS’s Institutional Research program has several projects afoot to help support progress on strategic initiatives and reporting to foundations and state officials. However, internal resources accomplish only some of what we need, so Hanover’s primary and secondary research coupled with data analytics will round out our research platform and be used to ensure that we have the most comprehensive view of our environment as possible. Using Hanover’s different research applications to understand near-term dynamics will provide a cost-efficient approach to deepening our understanding of market forces, our impact on the lives of our students, and the economy as a whole.

For other college or system executives considering an external partner, I recommend gaining an understanding of current capacity and what information is needed to achieve their strategic initiatives, and then understanding that their information gaps are where custom research can advance institutional performance. That is where Hanover can become a valued partner supporting the college’s or system’s goals.

Dave Daigler, President & CEO
maine community college system

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About Maine Community College System

The mission of the Maine Community College System is to create an educated, skilled and adaptable labor force that is responsive to the changing needs of the Maine economy. The state’s seven community colleges are uniquely positioned to accomplish this work through their mix of occupational and transfer programs, statewide reach, affordable tuition, and strong partnerships with business and industry.

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