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McPherson College Explores Top Enrollment Challenges with Hanover’s Support

I believe that Hanover can provide the resources I need to tap some of key questions we have about the enrollment process. Those questions range from understanding why students choose or do not choose McPherson College to understanding why they leave. I need to understand more about the students who do not choose MC—we have a certain population we want to build, and I don’t feel I have a full picture of when MC is or is not a good fit for students in this population.

As a small private institution, people resources can be one of the most challenging aspects. Having the time to research each project and execute is something we don’t have, especially right now when so many things are rapidly changing. I am especially impressed with the catered approach to research Hanover provides where we can pick the projects that are most relevant to us. For those considering an external partner, keep research at the core of every decision. We often do not have the time or the right people to do the necessary research, so I’d advise others to not be afraid to seek outside help to move the needle.

Christi Hopkins, Vice President of Enrollment Management
mcpherson college

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About McPherson College

Founded in 1887, McPherson College is a four-year liberal arts college related to the Church of the Brethren. The beautiful 27-acre campus is set in McPherson, a town of 13,000 that is one of the top 100 small towns in the U.S., with a strong diversified economic base, located in central Kansas 50 miles north of Wichita.

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