While MDC conducts extensive institutional research, more market analysis and other data for predictive modeling is needed at the College. Hanover has experience and expertise that will allow us to rapidly deploy research projects along these identified needs. The increased capacity will provide the ability to perform a multitude of different research projects using both quantitative and qualitative research tools and the opportunity to produce unlimited custom research projects within sequential queues.

Hanover has a solid reputation within the higher education community; their team can help us plan and prioritize projects as we seek to identify high-growth areas that may have potential for expansion based on labor market projections, uncover new regional and international student markets for online and hybrid education, and utilize student success predictive modeling for developing and planning institutional initiatives.

Given the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the College must re-evaluate research plans for the near term. Together, we will develop college-wide reports by integrating the research findings, benchmarking, and best practices.

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Dr. Lenore Rodicio, Executive Vice President and Provost

Hanover Research