Northeast Mississippi Community College Pursues Grant Funding with Hanover’s Grant Support

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Northeast Mississippi Community College desperately needs additional funding to supplement our state appropriations, which are constantly being reduced. As a result of these reductions, we have been forced to operate with small budgets. Therefore, we are forced to operate with inadequate equipment in our CTE, health science, and academic labs.

Our instructors and other staff currently do not have the time available to commit to the writing of grants. Hanover Research will provide the additional expertise to research and write for much needed grant funds. I would encourage anyone searching for an external source to secure additional funding opportunities to consider Hanover Research for assistance.

Dr. Ricky G. Ford, Ph.D., President
Northeast Mississippi Community College

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Northeast Mississippi Community College

Northeast Mississippi Community College is a public, comprehensive community college that exists to meet the diverse educational and career needs of individual students and the community within the district it serves.

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