Northern Illinois University College of Health and Human Sciences Gains Faculty Research Support with Hanover

Hanover has a wealth of resources to further support NIU College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) faculty in their research efforts. At CHHS, we are glad to join other colleges in the partnership with Hanover, which means there are efficiencies and synergies in place. Also, we can build our research skills together. We believe this understanding of NIU is critical, and we look forward to advancing the potential opportunity for transdisciplinary research.

Hanover’s queue services meet our faculty’s needs because of the wide range of support they provide. We have already determined a number of faculty teams whose research goals and potential development of external grants could be supported by the grant queue throughout the summer and upcoming school year.

For those who are considering an external partner, my advice is to consider your own priorities and goals and then thoroughly evaluate the flexibility of the external partner and how they will be able to meet those goals.

Dr. Beverly W. Henry, Interim Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences, Director of NIU’s Ph.D. in Health Sciences program
Northern Illinois University College of Health and Human Sciences

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About Northern Illinois University College of Health and Human Services

The College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS) has dynamic programs focusing on health, human sciences, and military sciences. With 13 accredited programs and over 800 external practicum sites, CHHS seeks to promote health and well-being through scholarship that integrates teaching, research and service.

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