Northern Illinois University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Improves Its Grantsmanship with Hanover’s Grants Solutions

The NIU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences decided to partner with Hanover after realizing that if we improved our grantsmanship, it could strengthen our faculty and advance our research, contracts, and community service priorities. Our college accounts for a large share of the University’s external funding, in the form of grants and contracts. The added support will advance our priorities surrounding our research mission as well as our commitment to serve nearby communities. We plan to utilize all of Hanover’s grant queue services at some level, ranging from supporting proposals for large grants to conducting an analysis of potential new opportunities. This additional support means a lot to our faculty, who will benefit from the expertise and service.

Leslie Matuszewich, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs

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About Northern Illinois University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Northern Illinois University CLAS is committed to promoting excellence in undergraduate liberal education and in graduate programs built around cutting-edge research and to fostering the connections between teaching and research, to their mutual benefit.

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