We have made an effort to improve our academic profile in order to positively impact retention and intend to continue that strategy. Ensuring that we have the right combination of programs that will appeal to our undergraduate population is critical. With Hanover’s partnership, we hope to explore if other options are particularly compelling to potential undergraduates and determine the viability of graduate and/or online offerings as they may align with our strengths and capabilities.

Hanover went out of their way to ensure that we had the information necessary to feel secure in our decision to engage them as a research partner. While Hanover has a set of projects on which they have engaged multiple clients, they tailor the questions and details within the project to each institution, ensuring that every college or university partner benefits from an experience unique to their institution. We anticipate our upcoming research projects with Hanover will yield useful data that will help us address a number of critical questions for the university.

Stefanie D. Niles, Ed.D., Vice President for Enrollment and Communications

Hanover Research