We need to be nimble to secure funding opportunities that are being generated in response to COVID-19. Our students have a variety of needs, such as food insecurity, loss of jobs, and lack of technology, and responding to these needs will require additional resources beyond what the college has available. Our hope is that Hanover will identify funding opportunities on the horizon to meet these needs and fill gaps in our capacity to secure those funds.

Two grants project queues with Hanover will give us the ability to have different funding foci to pursue grants for both Santa Monica College and the SMC Foundation as well as allow us to pursue external funding that we otherwise would simply not have had the capacity to pursue. Going forward, Hanover will help us to coordinate various strategic initiatives (e.g., reducing equity gaps for racially minoritized students, responding to Pathways Redesign efforts) with a planned approach for securing external funding.

santa monica college

Erica LeBlanc, Dean of Academic Affairs

Hanover Research