St. Thomas Aquinas College Tackles Academic Program Review, Strategic Planning, and More with Hanover’s Solutions

I heard about Hanover through some research of my own regarding similar organizations. I met with a couple of representatives from these organizations, but Hanover seemed to be the best prepared to complete the work we need to do. Their reputation was also a factor in the decision—I know people at institutions using Hanover and they are very satisfied.

Hanover offers us a breadth of possibilities: They are able to focus on academic program review, gap analysis, financial aid review, and strategic planning. Other organizations were able to delve into some of these areas, but Hanover was able to do them all.

For other institutions considering an external partner, do your research, even looking at listservs (like CICs) to see what others are saying about the range of options out there. Be sure that the partner you choose works from the specific data of your own institution so that research can be tailored to your student profile and not the students at other institutions. I’d also advise considering your faculty and staff’s ability to coordinate the work once the research starts to come in.

Robert Murray, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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About St. Thomas Aquinas College

St. Thomas Aquinas College is a student-centered institution with 100+ undergraduate and graduate academic programs based near New York City.

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