Hanover is a good fit for our College due to its breadth in research experience and programmatic offerings. We were seeking support in gathering information from external sources for a number of initiatives (educational program development, alumni engagement) and wanted to gather this information in a formal manner and in an accelerated way. We believe that our ability to gather this information and make confident decisions about tactics related to our strategic plan will be enhanced by Hanover's contributions, and that we will benefit from the diverse offerings available from Hanover.

I would advise other institutions pursuing an external partner to consider the ‘opportunity cost’ of investing internal resources to conduct the work that could be done by an organization like Hanover. While it may appear less expensive, is it truly less expensive when you consider the allocation of internal staff effort? Internal staff may not be able to produce the same level of results on a project that an external partner that specializes in this type of work can achieve.

university of minnesota college of pharmacy

Dr. Todd D. Sorensen, Professor and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Innovation

Hanover Research