In the coming year, AgResearch and the College of Veterinary Medicine are dedicated to maintaining their strengths in research and development while building capacity that enables them to respond to emerging challenges. To support these goals, we decided to partner with Hanover; from our initial conversation with Hanover, we found them to be professional, responsive, flexible, and committed to understanding and meeting our program’s needs. We expect to draw on Hanover’s expertise to support us in the development of proposals involving complex, integrated goals and in providing a workshop on grant writing to benefit all our faculty, especially our early-career researchers.

We are optimistic that Hanover’s experience with competitive grants programs, as well as their insight into funding opportunities where we are less experienced, will accelerate our progress. Other institutions considering an external partner should carefully consider the goals and outcomes that they are hoping to achieve, as well as the tools and resources that will most benefit their researchers. Ensuring proper alignment of those factors will ensure a positive return on their investment.

University of Tennessee Institute for Agriculture

Timothy G. Rials, Associate Dean, AgResearch & Director, Center for Renewable Carbon

Hanover Research