Having spent a number of years engaging in an exploratory dialogue with Hanover, it was ultimately their full suite of services, extensive expertise and capacity, and cost-effective and reasonable price point that led us to enter into this partnership.

Our goals are to provide Hanover with a short list of crucial focal points for grant prospecting. This will allow us to benefit from Hanover‘s grant prospecting and research expertise and abilities, collaboratively identify grant opportunities which are both lucrative and represent good fits from an application standpoint, and ultimately to benefit from Hanover‘s grant writing expertise as we partner in these processes.

The projects we envision having the greatest impact are grants which may help subsidize some of the new and unexpected costs associated with managing the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as addressing emerging needs to better service disadvantaged populations and to bridge disproportionality that exists along demographic lines.

My advice to other K-12 organizations would be to develop a cogent strategy as it relates to grant prospecting and writing. Partnering with an external partner makes sense from not only a cost efficiency standpoint, but also from a cost benefit standpoint, as the benefits and resources an organization can access through a relationship with an organization like Hanover far exceed what a district gets even if it hired an extremely experienced and capable grant writer.

west orange public school district

Dr. J. Scott Cascone, Superintendent of Schools

Hanover Research