The Australian National University prides itself on having an evidence-based decision making philosophy. This increases the demand for quality information, and we see our partnership with Hanover as an opportunity to extend our internal resources further to meet this demand. Currently, the ANU, like other Australian universities, has fantastic data on the Australian High Education Context through our national data sharing agreements. However, education and research are global business and the access to high quality Australian data sometimes leads us to limit our analysis to this context, leaving blind spots in terms of our international benchmark partners. We believe Hanover can help us think globally about how we benchmark and help us to think more laterally around what data is available to us and how it can be used. In Hanover, we believe we have found a partner who can extend our internal capability and bring an international perspective to gathering information to support key decisions.

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Richelle Hilton; Director Planning and Performance Measurement Division

Hanover Research