The most significant factor for our decision to partner with Hanover was their flexibility with respect to the relatively narrow aims of our market research needs. Although I wasn’t originally aware of Hanover’s queue-based model for research projects, that structure turned out to work very nicely with the way we envisioned our needs. Our primary goal is to confirm the viability of our institutional plan to convert three graduate programs to asynchronous online platforms. We expect Hanover to provide clarity on the market for these programs and formats and to supply an appraisal of the overall opportunity (or threat) associated with our plan. In addition, we envision that Hanover will provide us a cogent picture of opportunities to add online programs either as conversions of our current mix of program offerings or by identifying market demand for programs we might consider developing. While we’re engaging with Hanover because we lack the internal expertise, I think knowing what we wanted to accomplish and in what time frame has made the engagement experience fruitful from the beginning.

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– Dr. Paul Haught, Vice President for Academics and Student Life

Hanover Research