Prince George’s Community College’s (PGCC) decision to work with Hanover stemmed largely from the implementation of the college’s new strategic plan, which includes new key performance indicators and goals focused on student success, regional impact, and our organizational excellence. To achieve the new goals, research and analysis are important to provide the data we need to measure our success as well as define our value proposition in the county and the region.
This upcoming year is going to be critical in setting the first data points of our key performance indicators. We’ve participated in research initiatives before as part of the Maryland Association of Community Colleges, so when deciding to engage with Hanover, it was important for us that they be able to replicate the types of studies we’ve done in the past. Working with Hanover will help us acquire baseline data that will shape how we implement our strategic plan. That is our focus now – we are interested in seeing what opportunities exist to create better learning environments for our students to succeed, meet workforce labor demands for businesses in the county and region, and strengthen the college’s overall value proposition.

Dr. Nassim Ebrahimi, Ph.D, Associate Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness

Hanover Research