I made the decision to partner with Hanover because I had prior interactions with them that were quite good, and I was interested in doing something new here [in the College of Engineering and Information Technology] that we had not done before. My goal for the deanship here at UMBC is to have my new college be more impactful in helping the university elevate positive synergy between our academic programs and our research enterprise. When I started last fall I interviewed all of the faculty in the college individually. More support for proposal writing and advice on grantsmanship came up repeatedly in those interviews. I am hoping that this new partnership will positively impact faculty members at all stages of their career and inspire them to compete for research support in areas and at scales that they had not previously considered. I think it is important to find partners who are willing to work on solutions tailored to your specific needs and Hanover meets that criteria.

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– Keith J. Bowman, Dean, UMBC College of Engineering and Information Technology, Fellow, American Ceramic Society

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