Increasingly, leadership and faculty members in institutions of higher education are seeking thoroughly vetted evidence and meticulously executed research when it comes to making decisions about investments in critical initiatives, such as launching a new undergraduate degree or a new online professional master’s program. These initiatives often entail significant investments on the part of academic units in terms of faculty and staff time, as well as development, marketing, and recruitment funds. Thus, we find ourselves looking for a trusted partner who can deliver these sorts of research projects as needed; a partner who can work at arm’s length, not having a vested interest in the respective initiatives launching or otherwise; and a partner who is available on demand and ready to engage in a wide variety of these and similar projects on our behalf. At the UNC School of Education, we believe we found in Hanover this very partner, and we look forward to launching into a number of research projects with them that will inform decisions that are critical for the future of our school.

- Dr. Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, Dean and Professor

Hanover Research