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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Tracks Brand Awareness and Perception with Hanover’s Market Research Solutions

WPI decided to partner with Hanover due to their experience in higher education and their flexibility in engagement. We wanted an option that would be an extension and/or added resource to our in-house talent and expertise. With Hanover’s market research solutions, we plan to establish an ongoing Brand Awareness and Perception tracking tool that will focus on specific audiences of interest. In addition, we would like to start focusing on creating a systematic way to answer business questions and propose actionable solutions for leadership going forward. Hanover’s approach may be a good fit for both higher-staffed offices that need additional resources to expand current projects as well as very small departments that are looking to start using research.

Orion Stavre, Director of Digital Marketing and Performance

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About Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1865 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in ways that are most beneficial to society. WPI transforms lives, turns knowledge into action to confront global challenges, and revolutionizes STEM through distinctive and inclusive education, projects, and research.

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