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Photo of an office building

No longer considered a passing fad, the Maker Movement is the unconventional, but popular convergence of DIY and hacker cultures….continue reading 

Photo of an office building

By Mike Chung A regional consumer service provider was considering changing its name to reflect a shift away from outdated…continue reading 

Six Building Industry Trends You Need to Know in 2018

By Cam Wall If you’re a building supply manufacturer, you probably look out for Hanley Wood’s annual BUILDER Brand Use…continue reading 

4 Product Portfolio Optimization Tips for Multi-Product Lines

By Dan Dellegrotti Today, M&A deals are at an all-time high as companies increasingly seek opportunities to capture market share…continue reading 

Photo of an office building

Did you know that half of all digital marketing campaigns fall flat because they reach the wrong audience? With so…continue reading 

Decode the B2B Millennial Buyer with These 5 Market Research Tips

For more than a decade, consumer brands have wrestled to understand the unique purchasing behaviors of Millennials, the first generation…continue reading 

HOW TO: Leverage Focus Groups to Move from Prototype to Product Launch

by Justin Spratley “I like the product because it looks glossy, that means it’s expensive to make. If the company…continue reading 

5 Questions All Businesses Should Ask Themselves After a Product Launch

Savvy companies know the product development process does not stop after product launch – to capitalize on the total value…continue reading 

Photo of an office building

Companies are swimming in more data than they know what to do with. While nearly two-thirds of businesses succeed in…continue reading 

“Anecdotal Data” is an Oxymoron

By: Beth Barrett, Senior Content Director Everyone likes an anecdote. They can lighten the mood, bring life to the mundane,…continue reading 

Market Intelligence: Who Needs it? [Hint: You Do]

By Lana Sytnik, Content Director Why Do Companies Need Market Intelligence? Market intelligence used to come in the form of…continue reading 

Four Tried and Tested Techniques for Measuring Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a critically important priority for the majority of executives worldwide. This makes sense, as companies that provide…continue reading 

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