Research Brief: Preparing for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Planning

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives require thoughtful strategic planning to enact change and yield improvements in student, staff, school, and district outcomes to: Build a vibrant, inclusive climate that draws people together across differences in backgrounds, experiences, and interests; Expand the capability of the organization to successfully navigate a diverse work environment and global […]

Research Brief: Conducting an Equity Audit

School districts across the country are increasingly focused on breaking down system-level inequities. With many recent high-profile cases of police brutality and ongoing confrontations targeting Black individuals, the national conversation is emphasizing a greater understanding and development of equity. Conversations related to equity may range from dialogue about building cultural competencies to becoming an advocate […]

Virtual Student Engagement Toolkit

virtual student engagement toolkit

Maintaining student engagement during virtual learning is one of the greatest challenges facing educators today. To overcome this challenge, schools must closely support teachers and implement methods to boost the behavioral, cognitive, and affective engagement of students. Hanover Research created the Virtual Student Engagement Toolkit to assist classroom teachers in learning more about: Best practices […]

Best Practices in SEL Systems and Structures

Many districts have prioritized the centralization of its social-emotional learning (SEL) systems and structures district-wide to support greater fidelity of program implementation and in standardizing practices throughout the district.   To support this effort, Hanover has prepared the following report, which reviews best practices for supporting the consistent implementation of SEL across a district and […]

Best Practices in Virtual Assessments

best practices in virtual assessments

As schools across the country continue virtual learning in various formats, district leaders should provide support to instructional staff administering assessments in a virtual format while maintaining their integrity. To assist teachers in online instruction, Hanover Research reviewed secondary literature to bring you the Best Practices in Virtual Assessments report. This report focuses on assessment […]

Equity Data Review Protocol Toolkit

Download this toolkit to: Explore components of data review protocols and best practices for analyzing student and district data through and equity lens; and Find tools and ready-to-use resources that data teams can incorporate into their data review process immediately Download the toolkit today!

Anti-Racism Discussion Guide

Anti-Racism Discussion Guide

It is imperative for districts and school leaders to cultivate anti-racist school systems that embrace diversity and advance equity. Nationwide uprisings against police brutality and movements like Black Lives Matter have recently catalyzed many districts to examine internal policies and push critical discussions with stakeholders regarding race, racism, and equity. District leaders across the country […]

How to Succeed in Distance Learning: 5 Tips for Families

How to Succeed in Distance Learning: 5 Tips for Families

Families face the monumental challenge of facilitating children’s learning in a remote environment. To aid families as they support their children in distance learning, we created How to Succeed in Distance Learning: 5 Tips for Families in collaboration with Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic Education (ULEAD). Download the tip sheet for recommendations in […]

Best Practices in Online Math and Reading Instruction

best practices in online math and reading instruction k-12

In Spring 2020, school districts across the United States closed schools and transitioned to online learning following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent report by the World Bank estimates that five months of school closures may decrease the effective years of schooling from 7.9 years to between 7.0 and 7.6 years. Furthermore, nearly […]

Action Guide: Characteristics of High-Performing Schools

k12 characteristics of high performing schools

High-performing schools see groups of stakeholders engaged in various forms of collaboration, including principals and other school leaders involving staff in school governance; teachers and other instructional staff forming communities of practice to strengthen student learning; and principals, other school leaders, and staff partnering with families, public agencies, businesses, and other community members to expand […]