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Step-by-Step Guide to Program Evaluations

Districts must continuously examine how investments in programs, resources, and policies impact student learning. A comprehensive process for evaluating programs…continue reading 

Supporting Successful High School Transitions

The high school transition is a critical and challenging time for students, and many refer to 9th grade as a…continue reading 

Hanover Discusses Equity Professional Development in District Administration

District Administration magazine featured Hanover’s Marriam Ewaida, Content Director for K-12, in its article “Implementing equity in education.” Hanover provided…continue reading 

Hanover Discusses Technology in Special Education in District Administration 

District Administration magazine featured Hanover’s Leila Nuland, Managing Content Director for K-12, in its article “Edtech equalizers in special education.”…continue reading 

Fast Facts: Sleep Research and School Start Times

School start times continue to come under scrutiny as sleep researchers, pediatricians, and education researchers highlight the negative impact traditional…continue reading 

Best Practices in Teacher Engagement

High levels of teacher engagement have positive impacts on school communities, but teacher engagement rates hover at 44%, the lowest…continue reading 

Six Questions to Ask When Setting KPIs in K-12

Since the 2008 recession, most states are providing less funding support per student, leaving a shrinking pool of funds dedicated…continue reading 

Questions All Districts Should Ask When Developing a Technology Integration Plan

Technology is integral to developing students’ 21st-century skills, as digital learning has become nearly ubiquitous in U.S. classrooms. Public schools…continue reading 

K-12 School Security: 12 Findings from the Field

Historically, school safety initiatives have addressed issues related to bullying, vandalism, student fights, and weather-related emergencies. However, with the rise…continue reading 

Measuring SEL? Choose Skills that Meet These Three Criteria

State and federal agencies are increasingly holding schools accountable for their role in influencing students’ social and emotional (SEL) skills….continue reading 

Hanover Research Recognized as Top 50 Research Firm by American Marketing Association

ARLINGTON, Va., – The American Marketing Association (AMA) has named Hanover Research (Hanover), a leading provider of market intelligence and…continue reading 

Hanover Discusses Best Practices for Developing Cultural Competency in eSchool News

Hanover’s Leila Nuland, Managing Content Director for K-12, recently contributed an article to eSchool News on supporting cultural competency development…continue reading 

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