Achieve Your District Priorities Through Professional Learning

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Hanover convened an expert panel for a roundtable discussion about practices and programs that can support teachers while achieving district priorities through the 2021-2022 school year.
Providing comprehensive professional learning for teachers isn’t just necessary to retain educators—it’s also crucial for ensuring that district priorities like educational equity, social-emotional learning, and MTSS are enacted at the classroom level. Many district leaders are considering how they can offer targeted professional learning opportunities in multiple delivery modes to meet the specific needs of individual staff members and to bring about district-wide changes that improve student outcomes.
As ESSER funds are released, it is important for district leaders to prioritize funding professional learning opportunities that will help teachers address learning loss, narrow the equity gap, continue to teach in a hybrid environment if applicable, and develop the competencies needed to make students feel safe and supported as more and more districts return to in-person instruction.
District and school leaders, and classroom staff’s physical, mental, and emotional health affects the school districts’ ability to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive work and learning environment. Therefore, districts must rise to the challenge by assessing staff members’ needs and developing programs and services that ensure the adults in the school district are engaging in self-care.


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Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Develop a long-term professional development plan to align your teachers’ professional learning opportunities with your strategic priorities

Ensure your teachers have choice and flexibility in their learning opportunities

Include measures for monitoring impact of professional learning opportunities in your professional learning plan

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