Webinar Recording – Leading for Equity: Data-Driven Equity Audits and District Protocols for Success

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Listen as AASA, Hanover’s Dr. Leila Nuland, and Superintendents Dr. Daryl Camp (San Lorenzo Unified School District, CA) and Dr. Gregory Hutchings (Alexandria City Public Schools, VA) discuss best practices and the importance of equity audits, share frameworks districts can use to implement equity agendas that bring about real change, and current data trends.


Participants learned about strategies to address systemic disparities and inequities in order to benefit all students.


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Essential questions this session covers include:

  • To what extent is the district offering a diverse and inclusive environment?
  • To what extent do the district’s administrative and fiscal policies and practices ensure an equitable work and learning environment?
  • To what extent do the district’s resource practices and policies establish an equitable and inclusive work and learning environment?
  • To what extent do the district’s curriculum and instruction policies and practices cultivate an equitable work and learning environment?
  • In what ways can the district support changes to school and classroom curricula and practices?



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