Webinar Recording: Seeking Growth in Pandemic-Affected Markets Through Targeted Market Analysis

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As the US economy goes through a stop-start reopening, companies across the economic landscape are looking for ways to buttress their core markets and start to recover lost growth by targeting markets unaffected (or positively affected) by the pandemic.

In this webinar, Hanover will present original research and our panelists (Terry Chevalier – Vice President of Strategy, Blucora, Inc.; Doug Curtis – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doug Curtis Marketing and NetworkRV, LLC; and Geoff Collins – Chief Strategy Officer, Hanover Research) will discuss the evolving focus of businesses and consumers, the kinds of information companies are seeking from market analysis, and what investment decisions are being driven by this information. Key questions addressed will include:

  • Where do growth opportunities exist in this environment and how do companies identify these opportunities?
  • How can companies minimize the risk around investments in growth?
  • What information is most useful to companies in making growth investment decisions?

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