Webinar Recording: Trends in B2B Sales and Marketing

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B2B buyer behavior and preferences have shifted significantly during the pandemic, making it crucial for B2B organizations to update their sales and marketing strategies to engage with buyers in different ways.


Featuring an expert panel, Hanover Research reveals how B2B organizations are responding to changing buyer behavior, meeting digital demands to safeguard customer loyalty, and prioritizing core market growth over market entry or expansion.


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Total Runtime: 58:50


Customer needs are changing, fast. B2B manufacturers need to adapt with the market to stay competitive. Are you ready?

To help answer this question, Hanover surveyed manufacturing leaders to bring you the 2021 Trends in B2B Manufacturing Report. Check it out to examine how other manufacturers are:

  • Adapting to changing B2B buyer journeys
  • Meeting digital demands to safeguard customer loyalty
  • Prioritizing core market growth over market entry or expansion

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