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Evaluating Programs to Inform Funding Decisions

In this webinar, Hanover hosts a panel of distinguished district leaders who  share their experiences with building district- and school-level capacity through program evaluation and data literacy. We explore practical examples of how districts are evaluating ROI of programs purchased through ESSER funds to maximize student learning and success. We also discuss evaluating which programs to continue or which to halt given the current climate. Additionally, during this webinar, participants learn about the strategic need for data-based decision-making.

Knowing how to collect and use data is critical for assessing program quality, setting goals, and tracking metrics. Therefore, having a continuous improvement mindset and a few key data literacy tools will help educators and leaders learn how to use data to make more informed decisions that maximize student learning and success.


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Total Runtime: 56:15

Speakers Include:

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Key Takeaways

In times when shrinking funding is forcing educational leaders to grapple with dwindling resources, careful program evaluation can identify potential solutions

As an initial phase of program evaluation, establishing a logic model enables teams to clearly define the goals, processes, and expected outcomes of programs under review

True continuous improvement happens when teams embrace data literacy and strive to build an appetite and internal capacity for analysis

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