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Evaluating the Influence of School Environment on Student & Staff Wellbeing

As school systems around the nation continue to meet the challenges of student and staff wellbeing, post-COVID and in the current education climate, being able to identify and track school environment measures has become an even greater priority. Our research indicates that strong, positive, and welcoming school environments are vital to student and staff wellbeing, and making strides in closing achievements gaps exacerbated by the COVID pandemic is key.
Join us as Hanover’s experts offer valuable insights and practical guidance in this webinar. Participants will discover the essential elements that contribute to restoring student and staff wellbeing, and how to empower district and school leaders to make informed decisions for a brighter future.


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Total Runtime: 44:54

Speakers include members of Hanover's Team:

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Key Takeaways:

School climate needs to be a strategic priority

Understanding the current state of your climate is key

Resource school climate initiatives with the entire community in mind

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