Executive Panel Series: Reshaping Recruitment Ahead of the Enrollment Cliff

Is your institution ready for a shrinking pool of prospective students?

A record decline in US birth rates in the last two decades translates to a diminishing population of high school graduates, peaking by 2025 and unlikely to rebound for many years. Colleges and universities must begin preparing now to withstand a decline in the number of traditional college-aged students.

Join us for a discussion with a panel of higher education leaders who will share what their institutions are doing to stay ahead of this “birth dearth” by identifying new target markets, refreshing recruitment strategies, and launching new programming and services to fortify enrollment and retention in the coming years.


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Total Runtime: 1:00:56

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Increase the marketing strategic process and better integrate recruitment and marketing decision making

The granularity of recruitment efforts is crucial to a mission driven enrollment process

It is important to return to the heart of the mission – if a student is successful, the institution will be successful

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