Executive Panel Series: Student Loan Forgiveness – What’s Next for Higher Education

With the Biden administration’s announcement of new federal student loan forgiveness, colleges and universities must consider how these changes will not only affect students’ financial outlook, but also their own institutions’ funding and financial aid models.
In this edition of our Executive Panel Series, a panel of college enrollment, finance, and marketing leaders discuss how their institutions are evaluating the impact of student debt relief on families, tuition pricing, and financial aid strategies.


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Total Runtime: 57:29

Featured Speakers Include:

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Key Takeaways

Encourage students to deprioritize loans in their financial package strategizing, or consider alternatives that the institution may offer to reduce overall loans

Institutions should collaborate cross-departmentally to ensure they keep consistent communication regarding evolving financial aid best practices

Institutions should lean on the resources they have at hand to support students and their financial aid pathways, including endowment, grant funding, and more

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