Executive Panel Series: What 2021 Tells Us About 2022

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In this event, college and university leaders reflect on 2021, including Hanover’s 2022 Higher Education Trends Report and personal experiences.

Hanover kicks-off the conversation by briefly present findings from our 2022 Higher Education Trends Report before turning the conversation over to expert panelists who provide their thoughts on 2021, and how the events of last year shape forthcoming trends in 2022.

2021 represented another period of rapid improvisation and adaptation in higher education. The ongoing swings in the COVID-19 pandemic situation forced colleges and universities to continually modify public health protocols, and the ongoing emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion required institutions to reflect on their own practices and behaviors. Meanwhile, a steep decline in enrollment is forcing higher education to rethink its academic portfolio as well as how it recruits new and diverse populations of students.


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Total Runtime: 59:17

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Put students first in all programming decisions and the student experience

Institutions need to diversify external funding sources

Double down on DEI efforts to create feelings of inclusion on campus

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