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Executive Town Hall – 2023: A Year In Higher Education Review

As the end of 2023 approaches, Hanover Research would like to take the opportunity to bring together higher education leaders from around the country to reflect on the challenges, successes, and interesting moments of 2023 in our December Executive Town Hall on December 12th at 2pm ET.

This event focuses on lessons learned in 2023, and what panelists see on the horizon for their schools, institutions, and higher education more broadly in 2024 and beyond. Alongside Hanover, this conversation was co-hosted by executive leaders representing a variety of disciplines across the country.


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Total Runtime: 52:49

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Interdisciplinary programs have been a huge catalyst for growth

Revisiting underperforming programs is vital to ensuring a strong portfolio

Prepare for the inevitable, challenges and surprises will always come up

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