Fostering Student Well-Being With Programs That Work

From struggles with mental health and school violence to the upheaval of the pandemic, today’s K–12 students face a litany of difficulties. As a result, fostering student well-being has grown more challenging than ever — and more imperative — for district leadership.
Since the onset of the pandemic, billions of dollars have gone toward helping schools develop programs that tackle learning loss and support mental health. Many of these programs have made significant impacts on students’ lives. But not all programs are effective.


How can district administrators ensure their programs achieve the best possible outcomes?


Hosted with EdWeek, in this webinar, you’ll gain critical insights into:

  • Assessing needs and gaps in existing programming
  • Setting goals and building improvement plans
  • Garnering stakeholder support
  • Evaluating and adjusting programs


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Total Runtime: 1:00:46

Featured Speakers Include:

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Getting Started: Plan and Build your Program Evaluation Framework

Design a Program Plan & Set Evaluation Goals

Decide what to Monitor

Share your Findings

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