K-12 Professional Learning in 2023: Lessons From the Field

In 2023 high-quality professional learning for educators no matter their level of experience is extremely critical. Teachers and staff often report that the solutions available to them are ineffective or disconnected from not only their work with students but the curriculum and/or the community.
This webinar hosts experts from Hanover Research presenting how district leaders can provide an easy-to-use online professional learning platform to their educators that delivers relevant trainings, gives participants agency over the timing and setting in which they learn, and facilitates peer-to-peer communication and sharing within and between districts. Additionally, our panelists share how they are using Hanover’s Educator Learning Center platform to support their teachers, foster collaboration through professional learning communities, and support the implementation of research-based instructional strategies.
This webinar includes a walkthrough of the Educator Learning Center platform and an opportunity to ask any and all questions about the platform as well as professional learning in general.


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Total Runtime: 1:01:06

Speakers Include:

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Key Takeaways

Meaningful professional learning is content focused, incorporates active learning, supports collaboration, offers time for feedback and reflection, and ensures professional learning is sustained in duration

District leaders need to build thoughtful professional learning plans that support the district’s strategic priorities while supporting individual teachers’ learning needs

All three panelists highlighted how Hanover’s Educator Learning Center (ELC) supports their ability to provide sustained and engaging professional learning and is aligned with Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning

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