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Maximizing Impact: The Link Between Teacher Engagement and Student Achievement

Empowering your educators through retention and engagement programs is a crucial part of our education system. High teacher turnover is costly, as new teachers must be recruited and trained, and if fewer teachers are replaced, then, instead of financing recruitment and training, school districts can spend money on new programs or technology for students. In the end, higher teacher retention means less financial strain and more investment in the tools children need to learn.

Moreover, it has been proven that high teacher turnover negatively affects student achievement. Experienced teachers are, on average, more effective than brand new teachers in regard to student achievement, attendance, and engagement. Therefore, retaining experienced teachers must be an essential priority to district leaders.

Join Hanover Research for a webinar in which we will share best practices for improving teacher engagement, and in turn, the student experience as well as discuss the current environment and answer any questions had from the audience.​


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Total Runtime: 28:53

Speakers Include:

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Key Takeaways

Use data to understand and address the challenges of teacher engagement

Foster growth and provide enriching experiences for educators

Implement recognition programs for staff

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