Communicating Value in a Pandemic-Shaped World

In this Roundtable, our panel addresses the challenges and opportunities in communicating their institution’s value while sharing insights on the broader marketing and recruitment landscape in the constantly evolving higher education environment.


Communicating with students and stakeholders is crucial to an institution’s success, and the best framework for this communication varies greatly, dependent upon multiple factors including institution makeup and size. As we continue to push toward the “next normal,” institutions are looking to discover innovative ways to market their educational offerings and communicate value to potential and current students, alumni, and other stakeholders.


Key discussion questions include:

  • How do institutions accomplish value communication in a post-COVID environment?
  • What are the best ways to differentiate marketing efforts and ensure that the institution’s mission, vision, and values take the forefront?


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Total Runtime: 55:12

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Lead with truth in advertising and value communication

Clearly define your audiences and remain specific in communicating your offerings

Promote cross-departmental collaborations and discussions around who you serve

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