Supporting Students and Mental Health Needs In an Evolving Landscape

In this Roundtable, our panel explores the best strategies to implement that support improving students’ mental health.
Supporting students has become increasingly difficult given the challenges that institutions have faced across the last two years, and student surveys indicate that students see mental and emotional health as a key area of need. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that can dictate specific and differentiated needs when it comes to mental health challenges, and institutions are exploring new strategies, support systems, and added resources to help students get the support they need.
As institutions continue to navigate hybrid learning environments and reaching students in a new ways:

  • How do institutions accomplish supporting students in the most productive way(s)?
  • What are the best strategies and resources to implement that can support improving students’ mental health?


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Total Runtime: 54:31

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Gather good data and information around mental health needs to support future resource requests

Continue to build strong relationships and promote collaboration amidst student services, academic affairs, counselors, and faculty

Keep mental health front and center as a pillar of institutional significance, and adopt Wellness as a professional practice

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