Supporting Teacher Wellness and Retention

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As districts near two years of pandemic life, unsustainable pressures continue to mount for teachers. Compared to other employed adults, a higher percentage of teachers experience frequent job-related stress, anxiety, and depression. The result is that an increasing number of devoted teachers (and even principals) are considering leaving the profession — at a time when staff shortages have already reached critical levels.

This webinar focuses on smart strategies district leaders can use to prioritize staff well-being, safety, and retention. Participants learn tips for building a supportive workplace culture, managing employee exhaustion and workload, and preserving the physical, mental, and emotional health of all staff, while safeguarding positive student outcomes.

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Total Runtime: 55:28

Speakers include:

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Key Takeaways

Providing as much stability during uncertain times is imperative

Forge partnerships with community and regional agencies and organizations that focus on staff well-being and support

Make sure your values are clearly articulated in your strategic plan

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