Understanding the 2023 Cohort: Hanover’s Admitted Student Survey

In this webinar experts from Hanover Research and a panel of experienced higher education leaders will present and reflect on the results of Hanover’s annual 2023 Admitted Student Survey. The survey includes the responses of 1,300 students who were admitted to undergraduate and graduate institutions in the United States in 2023. The results provide a window into the factors that influenced students’ 2023-24 enrollment decisions, their changing perceptions of higher education, and the types of support they may need from institutions in their first year.
After this webinar higher education leaders will be able to more effectively use Hanover’s annual report to learn what moves potential students from applicants to enrollees, which in turn, can help refresh campus enrollment plans, and uncover strategies to increase students’ readiness to accept, attend, and succeed. ​
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Total Runtime: 59:03

Speakers Include:

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Key Takeaways

Students require support services and need clear communication from institutions about service availability

Students and families are increasingly both cost and ROI conscious. Institutions must communicate the value of education to a cautious audience

Mental health and community belonging continue to be primary areas of concern

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