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Using Data to Prevent and Recover Stop-out College Students

While some community colleges have seen modest improvements in student persistence in the last year, national retention and persistence rates still trail pre-pandemic levels.

Capturing the progress of community college students has always been challenging, but it’s never been more critical. Employing smarter data management practices such as predictive analytics can help colleges enhance their capacity to identify, prevent, and recover students who may be heading toward the exit.

Learn how best practices in data collection and analysis can increase your college’s ability to help more students stay on track and reach the finish line.


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Total Runtime: 38:05

Speakers include members of Hanover's Community College Team:

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Key Takeaways

Addressing students’ re-enrollment needs at the time of stopping/suspending studies is critical

Financial, academic, and personal factors all contribute to stopping/suspending enrollment – focus on the areas within your control​

It is important to understand why students who go on to another college choose that institution and what you could have done to keep them​

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