2021 Trends in Higher Education

Amid this shifting landscape, institutions must be prepared to face new challenges. Hanover Research presents a review of our 2021 Trends in Higher Education report where we reveal how institutional administrators can employ new enrollment tactics, focus their program offerings, and update their strategic plans. We highlight new sources of revenue, examine new enrollment and retention models, and explain how institutions should evolve their marketing strategies in the upcoming year.


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Total Runtime: 51:06

Hanover’s 2021 Trends in Higher Education report summarizes emerging trends and offers recommendations in areas like:

  • Student & employer demands that will shape academic programming in the future
  • Best practices in developing resilient enrollment strategies
  • Successful strategies for building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to identify the optimal tuition price point
  • New alternative revenue strategies to support institutional financial health
  • Developing your unique institutional value proposition and marketing the virtual campus

Speakers include members of Hanover's Higher Education Research Team:

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Key Takeaways

Some changes will likely become permanent as higher education adapts to diversifying demographics and changing consumer demands

Invest in data collection and assessment

Alternative revenue streams will support financial health

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