Customer Journey Mapping During Uncertainty

Whether it’s creating your first map or updating an existing map, we will share the important inputs needed at each stage of the mapping process.
The pandemic has caused a rapid shift in customer and consumer needs and buying patterns that could have lasting effects as the timeline for getting ‘back to normal’ remains elusive — so understanding the path to purchase is more important than ever.Mapping your customers’ or consumers’ journeys helps you to:

  • Understand how they are changing
  • Determine new and persistent pain points
  • Identify areas of the journey that need to be prioritized

This webinar walks you through the critical steps of creating a customer journey map. With a good journey map in hand you will be poised to ride out this pandemic and support your customers and consumers in their new normal.


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Total Runtime: 59:58

Speakers include:

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Listen to this webinar to learn:

Critical steps of creating a customer journey map

How the customer journey is changing

How to identify areas of the journey that need to be prioritized

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